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The Bahamas energy balances 2010 - 2012



The fourth sections deal with The Bahamas general information that includes a description on geography, climate, socio-economic characteristics in every sector, such as residential, manufacturing and industry, tourism, agriculture, transport and construction, which are related to the overall energy sector. The fifth section provides an overview of the energy sector of The Bahamas, with a description of the institutional structure related to electricity, renewable energies and hydrocarbons. The sixth section presents the concepts defined by the OLADE's Energy Balances Methodology and a brief summary of the Methodology itself. The seventh and eight sections contains the description of the data gathering process as well as a description of the activities that were held during the OLADE's technical visit to the country. The ninth section provides the results on the energy balances that were elaborated for the periods of 2010, 2011 and 2012. The tenth section presents the country's Greenhouse Gases Emission Inventories by following the technology approach. And finally the last two sections present energy and economic indicators and describe the final conclusions and recommendations on The Bahamas Report.

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