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Saving Electricity in a Hurry: Dealing with temporary shortfall in electricity supplies.


3.9-27 R.1707

Blackouts are normally the result of imbalances in electricity supply and demand. A brief blackout is mostly an inconvenience. But persistent shortfalls - those lasting days, weeks, or months - can cause economic disruption and danger to human life in our technology - rich societies. Saving Electricity in a Hurry describes some of the recent power shortfalls, from Norway to New Zealand, from Tokyo to Arizona and the policies these regions used to quickly reduce their power consumption. How did the whole country of Sweden cut its power consumption by 4. in only a few months? While the temporary shortfalls in electricity supplies described in this book are relatively rare events, the disproportionately shape future energy policies.

Ministerio de Energía y Minas - Centro de Documentación

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