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Successful cases of energy conservation.



Facilities to recover waste heat from cooling launder and generate electric power using a special type boiler developed on our own. A derive participated by all workers to save electric power through new lubrication technology. Recovery of low effluent heat through heat transport between plants. Reduction of butane gas consumption in stering process with Nitrogen-Mixed atmosphere. New approach of energy-saving by instrumentation control. Energy conservation in the skelp heating furnace of butt welding pipe mill. Activities for energy-saving and practical examples thereof. Application of new power distribution system based on 200V spot network to factory power distribution. Boiler for recovering radiant heat from surface of shell of rotary kiln. Energy conservative activity spread over all the members. Establishment of the efficient recuperator system. An improvement to the blast temperature humidification system of blast furnaces. Reduction of fuel consumption rate at the ignition furnace of sintering process by application of the slit burner. Energy conservation by fine operating control. New ideas and bold challenges to saving electricity of sintering machine. Succes in energy conservation through the parallel operation of vacuum pumps. Energy conservation in breakdown/rolling mill under stable operation. Fuel reduction by using warm waste water and refrigerator power using cold thermal sources such as underground water, liquid Nitrogen. The challenge of excess air reduction in the furnaces. Energy conservation activity in non-oxidizing normlizing furnace. Decrease of fuel consumption for ignition furnace in sinter plant. Saving energy countermeasures by improvement of dust collecting and deodorizing ventilation systems. Energy conservation measures in space heater. Saving energy of heating furnace in Aluminium hot rolling plant. Reduction of the basic unit cost of electric power in dyeing factory. Energy conservation at No.5 sinter plant. Heat loss reduction in steelmaking process (BOF SHOP). Improvement of exhaust heat recovery in waste treatment facility. Improved energy saving effect by means of TPM activity. Improvement of sheal method on steam turbines' shaft. Full participation energy conservation, operation N. Energy conservation by improving combustion system of the rotary klin. Curtailment of heavy oil in sludge-boiler by reduction of water percentage in sludge. Effect of energy-saving promoted by a small group activity. Measures to reduce energy consumption in Oxygen production facilities. Electric power saving of C.W.P. in the term of plant stop. Rationalization in keeping of supercritical pressure units during their temporary shutdown.

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