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Proceedings of the 1986 International Congress on Renewable Energy Sources. Phothoelectrochemistry, present and future. International Congress on Renewable Energy Sources [18-23 Mayo 1986, Madrid].


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Photoelectrochemical reactions based on the absorption on light by semiconductor electrodes immersed in liquid electrolytes have been widely explored for use as direct convertors of light energy to electrical, or chemical energy. The over-hall efficiency for such photoelectrochemical cells can exceed 10. INTRODUCTION. . Progress to date, and future developments in these liquid-junction solar cells require detailed understanding of the interface energetics, and control of the chemistry, and electric field distribution across the interface between the semiconductor and the liquid electrolyte. Here I will focus attention on the foundamental aspects of photoelectrochemistry and then show some of our recent results related to the application. PRINCIPLES AND REQUIREMENTS FOR EFFICIENT OPERATION OF PHOTOELECTROCHEMICAL CELL. KINETIC ASPECTS OF HIGHLY EXOTHERMIC ELECTRON TRANSFER REACTIONS AT SEMICONDUCTOR-ELECTROLYTE INTERFACES. EXPERIMENTAL EVIDENCE FOR THE HYDROGEN EVOLUTION SITE IN PHOTOCATALYTIC PROCESS ON PT/TiO2. APPLICATIONS OF PHOTOELECTROCHEMICAL REACTIONS OF SEMICONDUCTOR SURFACES. REFERENCES.

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