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Proceedings of the 1986 International Congress on Renewable Energy Sources. Conversion of lignin by fungal protoplasts. International Congress on Renewable Energy Sources [18-23 Mayo 1986, Madrid].




Protoplasts from several lignolytic Polyporus and Plerotus spp. were liberated using a wall-lytic enzyme Novozym. Lignolytic activities were assayed by following 14co2 release from specifically 14c-labelled substrates and A595/A483-ratio decrease of polymeric dye Poly B-411. Isolated ptotoplasts were able not only to degrade methyl groups in the synthetic lignin (DHP and LS) but also depolymerize the C'-2-linkages of the side chain and even degrade the ring structures in differently 14C-labelled lighnin polymers. Demethylation of lignin by ptotoplasts isolated from various fungi could be correlated to Poly B-411 decolorization. Protoplasts prepared from Polyporus pinsitus (CBS 678,70) showed the highest DHP-demethylation and dye decoloration. It seems that like living mycelium the protoplasts are able to excrete lignolytic oxidases. A crude extracellular enzyme preparation from protoplasts catalysed the demethylation of lignin and lignin-related methoxyphenols and significantly decolorized the Poly Blue-411. The protoplasts enzymes were also capable to convert the synthetic lignins to water-soluble products. The extracellular Poly Blue-oxidases of protoplasts were separated into two fractions by affinity chromatography on Red Sepharose. The first enzyme fraction catalysed the oxidation of 2.6-dimethoxyphenol (laccase test) The second enzyme fraction was capable of decolorizing Poly Blue-411, but the laccase activity, as shown in elution profile, was eliminated... (ver documento). ABSTRACT. INTRODUCTION. MATERIALS AND METHODS. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION. REFERENCES.

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