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VECON 84 : fuel efficient power trains and Vehicles. Design of a high-efficiency, high-BMEP, small car powerplant. SAE 841283. International Conference on Fuel Efficient Power Trains and Vehicles [22-24 Oct. 1984, London].




An inline, three-cylinder engine was designed to serve as a basis for comparatives studies of alternative engine subsystems and features with ultimate application of a research fuel economy concept car. The objective was to provide a fuel-efficient gasoline powerplant with high BMEP, good packageability and a high degree of manufacturing commonality for DI diesel convertibility. The selected configuration has a square bore/stroke ratio with vertical inline valves offset 5.5 mm cylinder centerline. Two basic chamber configurations were designed, a bowl-in-piston/near central plug an open-chamber/dual-plug geometry. Intake ports having high swirl and no swirl were provieded for each configuration. High port flow coefficients were achieved, permitting low overall specific head loss in the induction system. A multi-piece experimental cylinder head structure was conceived, to permit testing of two alternate valvetrains: direct-acting bucket tappets and roller-finger followers. This iron/alluminium concept offers an advantageous balance of cost and weight. For balancing of the primary rocking couple, a balance shaft was provided. A low oil pump design was evaluated an included in the engine program. The results to date are summarized, covering induction system optimization, camshaft selection, valvetrain friction studies, and combustion evaluation of the first (bowl-in-piston/swirl port) combustion system alternative. The BIP/helical intake port geometry with optimized, timed sequential fuel injection provided excellent dilute operating capability and thermal efficency. Unborned hydrocarbon levels were somewhat high. INTRODUCTION. PROGRAM OBJETIVES/ASSUMPTIONS. ADDITIONAL DESIGN REQUREMENTS. BASIC ENGINE PARAMETERS. CYLINDER HEAD ASSEMBLY. COMBUSTION CHAMBER. PORTING. VALVETRAIN. VALVE TRAIN FRICTION. RECIPROCATING/ROTATING ASSEMBLY. OIL PUMP. INDUCTION SYSTEM DESIGN. PRELIMINARY INDUCTION SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT. CAMSHAFT EVALUATION. FINAL INDUCTION SYSTEM RESULTS. COMBUSTION EVALUATION OF THE VOWL-IN-PISTON SYSTEM, WITH SWIRL PORT. CONCLUSIONS. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. REFERENCES.

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