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Bioenergy in Europe: Experiences and Prospects (Brief 9)


By 2010, the European Union (EU) plans to have doubled the share of renewable energy in its primary energy consumption to 12 percent. This goal includes increasing the share of biofuels from 2 percent of total transport fuel today to 5.75 percent by 2010, as well as making significant increases in the use of biomass in electricity generation. The biofuels target will require an annual production of about 5–6 billion liters of bioethanol and biodiesel. EU member states have already implemented relevant policies. For example, to achieve the biofuels target, 11 member states have implemented tax reductions as their main policy instrument, 9 are using incentives for research and development, 5 are using mandatory blending requirements, and 2 are using investment subsidies.

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