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Capacity development needs diagnostics for renewable energy - CADRE : wind and solar energy



Many governments have set ambitious targets for the deployment of renewable energy. Integrating renewable energy tecnologies efficiently within established energy structures is a complex process which may require changes to policy, institutional and market mechanisms. This means the energy sector has to develop its national and local capacity in such a way that it can accommodate the specific needs of the newly introduced or planned systems. The capacity development needs diagnostics for renewable energy - CADRE, introduced in this handbook, helps policy makers, organisations and capacity development/renewable energy practitioners shape an environment conducive to the development of renewable energy. CADRE is designed as a country-driven, comprehensive approach to analysing the capacity already in place, predicting future capacity needs, identifying capacity gaps and providing recommendations for creating capacity development strategies. Its approach is based on the notion that the successful development of a renewable energy sector is only possible when the required capacities are present at each of the following four levels: the system level, the organisational level, the individual level, and the network level...

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