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Guía metodológica para la administración de proyectos de la Empresa Más Soluciones ARQ


Proyecto de graduación (Maestría en Gerencia de Proyectos) Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica, Área Académica de Gerencia de Proyecto. 2015.

Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. Área Académica de Gerencia de Proyectos; Más Soluciones ARQ.

"Más Soluciones ARQ" was formally constituted in 2014 and seeks to position itself in the market of design and construction of social housing. These projects have a number of limitations that make imperative the need to manage it effectively and efficiently, mainly related with the budget issue, which has a maximum established amount according to the characteristics and requirements of each beneficiary. That is the key in order to achieve their projects successfully, since they currently have deficiencies in planning, control and monitoring of the stages of preliminary studies, design and construction. This project looks to provide the basis for standardization of project management, through a methodological guide that integrates tools, methods, procedures and organizational aspects. The project contains a diagnostic and an identification phase to detect key elements in the project management of social housing projects. Through this diagnosis was identified that the company has a low level in project management maturity; that means that, the company has some tools and processes, but managed under the criteria of each project manager and they don`t have any documentation processes, among other things found. Also respondents made it evident the need to deploy templates to control the execution of projects and identify "BANHVI" requirements for obtaining bonus. The proposed guide for project management of "Más Soluciones ARQ" provides a series of suggested procedures, techniques and tools to manage their projects, tailored to the particular needs of the project design and construction of social housing, in order to incorporated it into their way of working and improve their performance. However, the guide can be improved, supplemented and amended, as its implementation and functionality permits. Additionally, the study gives a plan for the implementation of the guide, which develops general topics of project management and soft skills, as well as all procedures and tools in the guide proposed. Key Words: Methodological Guide, Project Management, Construction, Social Interest Housing Project.

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