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Plan de mantenimiento vial a largo plazo en la zona urbana, caso: Municipalidad de Curridabat


Proyecto de Graduación (Licenciatura en Ingeniería en Construcción) Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica, Escuela de Ingeniería en Construcción, 2006.

The Canton of Curridabat has sufferd a deterioration of its traffic network in the past years that has meant economical losses for the inhabitants. Therefore, the following maintenance plan of traffic network was set out having as a main aim that the City Hall of Curridabat have a practical guide for a possible investment of the resources, destined to the maintenance of the communication routes. For the accomplishment of this plan, a detailed investigation of the valid legislation about routes of communication at national level, and its interference in the canton of Curridabat was carried out. Likewise, there were used the methods established by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MOPT) for the accomplishment of the road inventory and the priorización of routes. The present levels of service in the road network were determined according to the guidelines established by the American Manual of Capacity, comparing them to the conditions of traffic that produce the pot-holes when people drive by these routes. After obtaining this information, it was possible to determine the current condition of the net, and the activities of road conservation necessary to serve most of the inhabitants of the canton, maintaining a level

Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. Escuela de Ingeniería en Construcción; Municipalidad de Curridabat; Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes (MOPT).

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