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Energy intensity in the manufacturing sector ; Canadian and international perspective. Energy Policy.

Theriault, Louis. Sahi, Ram.;

Manufacturing consumption of energy : 1991. DOE/EIA.

Energy Information Administration. Estados Unidos. Depto. de Energía.;

Electricity end-use and new generation technologies, and their planning implications. Role of sectoral shift in trends in electricity use in United States and Swedish manufacturing and in comparing forecasts.

Boyd, Gale A. Ross, Marc H.;

Limiting the greenhouse effect : option for controlling atmospheric CO2 accumulation. Energy saving in the U.S. and other wealthy countries : can the momentum be maintained?.

Schipper, L.;

Medidas no financieras para evaluar el desempeño. Revista INCAE.

Fisher, Joseph.;

Electricity consumption and the potential for electric energy savings in the manufacturing sector.

Elliott, R. Neal.; American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.;

Summary of the presentations at the International Workshop on Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions from the Developing World: Assessment of Benefits, Costs and Barriers. LBL.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Energy and Environment Division.; Howarth, Richard B. Schipper, Lee. Andersson, Björn.;

Cifras de la economía industrial. Valor bruto de producción de la industria manufacturera y explotación de minas y canteras por grupo CIIU.

Banco Central de Costa Rica. Sección de Economía Industrial.;

Energy implications of integrated solid waste management systems.

Visalli, Joseph. White, Allen L.; Tellus Institute.;

Impacts of U.S. appliance energy performance standards on consumers, manufacturers, electric utilities, and the environment.

McMahon, James E. Berman, Douglas. Chan, Peter.;

Estadísticas de los sectores industrial manufacturero y explotación de minas y canteras período 1982-1992.

Banco Central de Costa Rica.;

Evolución de la industria en Costa Rica durante el año 1991. Documentos de Trabajo.

Universidad de Costa Rica. Instituto de Investigaciones en Ciencias Económicas.; Bontempo García, José Antonio.;

Energy conservation and thermal insulation. Index of manufacturers and suppliers of heating, cooling and thermal insulation products in the UK. Properties of Materials : Safety and Environmental Factors.

Derricott, R., ed.. Chissick, Seymour S. Chissick, R., ed.. Derricott, R.;

Modelo analítico de previsión de requerimientos de energía.

Instituto de Economía Energética.;

Changes in energy intensity in the manufacturing sector : 1985-1991. DOE/EIA.

Energy Information Administration. Estados Unidos. Depto. de Energía.;

Productivity growth and energy consumption in the Nigerian manufacturing sector : a panel data analysis. J. Energy policy.

Adenikinju, Adeola F.;

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Manual estadística energética 2017 = Energy statistics manual 2017View Record

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