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Future of electricity : report for India

Gupta, Sujata; Thukral, Kapil; Mathur, Ajay;

Hydrology of ungauged streams in hilly regions for small hydro power development : international symposium

University of Roorkee; Alternate Hydro Energy Centre;

Adapting to climate change in a forest - based land use system : a case study of Himachal Pradesh, India

Leach, G.; Chadwick, M.J.; Bradley, P.N.; Deshingkar, P.;

India : windfarm pre - investment Study

Energy Sector Management Assitance Programme, ESMAP;

Energy requirements for India : a systems approach. En : Humanite et energie besoins, resources, espoirs

Parikh, Jyoti;

India : mini - hydro development on irrigation dams and canal drops pre - investment study

Energy Sector Management Assistance Programme, ESMAP;

Biomass energy, welfare and the CO2 problem

Leach, Gerald;

Best practices in sustainable rural energy development : five international case studies, final report

Brunt, Carol; Cobb, Paul; Peters, Roger;

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On the development of a reliability based optimal renewable energy model for the sustainable energy scene in India. J-0459. International Journal of Ambient Energy.

Iniyan, S.. Jagadeesan, T.R.;

Generación eléctrica con energía del viento. Boletín IIE.

Huacuz Villamar, Jorge M. Borja Díaz, Marco Antonio R.;

Policies to reduce energy use and environment emissions in the transport sector : a case of Delhi city. Energy policy.

Bose, Ranjan Kumar. Srinivasachary, V.;

On the prediction of capacity factor and selection of size of wind electric generators : a study based on Indian sities. Wind Engineering.

Sasi, K. K. Basu, Sujay.;

Demand side management with special emphasis for industry. J. Electrical India.

Kumar, Amit. Suri, L.R.;

Costing power generation : a case of large-scale hydro and nuclear plants in India. Energy Policy.

Zutshi, Priyamvada. Bhandari, Preety M.;

Lighting and personal safety and productivity. J. Electrical India.

Balasubramanian, S.;

An overview of renewable energy commercialization in India. J. Renewable Energy.

Rakesh Bakshi, Padmashree.;

Economic and environmental impacts of demand side management programmes. Energy Policy.

Sudhakara Reddy, B. Parikh, Jyoti K.; Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research Goregaon.;

Transient performance of closed loop solar water heating system with heat exchanger. Energy Research.

Tiwari, G.N.. Sharma, B.N.. Srivastava.;

Performance of n forced circulation water heating systems in series. Energy Research.

Sodha, M.S. Bapeshwara Rao, S.V. Tiwari, G.N..;

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