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Taxing the difference : world oil market projections 1994 - 2009

MacKay, Edward J.; Reinsch, Anthony E.; Considine, Jennifer I.;

End - use taxes : current EIA practices

Energy Information Administration, EIA;

El BTU TAX y sus repercusiones para América Latina y el Caribe

Organización Latinoamericana de Energía;

Kyoto 1997 : a threatening protocol, will it be binding and enforced ?. Energy Detente.

Derecho constitucional tributario.

Spisso, Rodolfo R.;

Prospects for improving the fuel economy of light-duty vehicles. Energy policy.

Plotkin, Steven E.. Greene, David L.;

Using advanced technologies to reduce motor vehicle greenhouse gas emissions. Energy policy.

Difiglio, Carmen.;

Instrumentos económicos y la contaminación del aire urbano de los países en desarrollo : el caso de los impuestos a los combustibles en Costa Rica. Congreso Mundial sobre Contaminación del Aire en Países en Vías de Desarrollo [ 21-26 Oct. 1996 : San José].

Vargas Alfaro, Leiner.;

Environmental costs of electricity. Incorporation of environmental costs in electric utility planning and resource selection.

Ottinger, Richard L ... [et al.].; Pace University Center for Environmental Legal Studies.;

Transportation and energy : strategies for a sustainable transportation system. Taxation policies affecting automobile characteristics and use in Western Europe, Japan, and the United States, 1970-1990.

Schipper, Lee J.. Eriksson, Gunnar.;

Transportation and energy : strategies for a sustainable transportation system. Steering with prices : fuel and vehicle taxation as market incentives for higher fuel economy.

DeCicco, John M. Gordon, Deborah.;

Transportation and energy : strategies for a sustainable transportation system. Consumer surplus analysis of market-based demand management policies in Southern California.

Cameron, Michael.;

Transportation and energy : strategies for a sustainable transportation system. Alternative fuels and greenhouse gas emission policy.

Michaelis, Laurie.;

Concluding comments : unreasonably high fossil fuel taxes will be needed to expand the role of biomass. Energy Policy.

Aberg, Carl Johan.;

Future of biofuels : a comment on the paper by Hermann Vollebergh. Energy Policy.

Edin, Karl-Axel.;

Effective pollution charges : lessons of worldwide experience. Environment department dissemination notes.

Lvovsky, Kseniya.;

Calentamiento global : petróleo bajo sospecha. Revista Energética = Energy Magazine.

Reducing gasoline use : a multipronged approach. Energy Policy.

Norman, Marc E.;

Unfair solution to an uncertain problem : the natural evolution of climate change. OPEC Bulletin.

Ismail, Ibrahim A H.;

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Apuntes para un manual técnico de diseño, estandarización y fabricación de equipos para pequeñas centrales hidroeléctricas. Turbinas Michell - BankiView Record
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Manual estadística energética 2017 = Energy statistics manual 2017View Record

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