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Guía de diseño de obras hidráulicas para mini - microcentrales hidroeléctricas

Instituto Nacional de Energía, INE;

Indirect lighting : combining art, science, and technology. J-0456. Electrical Construction and Maintenance.

Samaras, Pete G.;

Edificio de alta eficiencia energética. J-0455. Montajes e instalaciones.

Montoro, José Marco.;

Wind turbine design with numerical optimization and semi-empirical noise prediction model. Wind Engineering.

Fuglsang, Peter. Madsen, Helge A.;

Chaotic yaw dynamics of a horizontal axis wind turbine. Wind Engineering.

Borg, John P.;

Intelligent control for wind energy conversion systems. Wind Engineering.

Chedid, R.. Mrad, F.. Basma, M.;

Proceedings. Development of HVAC system performance criteria using factorial design and DOE-2 simulation. Symposium on Improving Building Systems in Hot and Humid climates [10, 13-14 may 1996, Texas].

Hou, Deyang.; Texas Building Energy Institute ... [et al.].;

Proceedings. Expert system for determining compliance with the Texas Building Energy Design Standard. Symposium on Improving Building Systems in Hot and Humid climates [10, 13-14 may 1996, Texas].

Texas Building Energy Institute ... [et al.].; Doan, E.C. ... [et al.].;

Proceedings. Calibration methodology for retrofit projects using short-term monitoring and disaggregated energy use data. Symposium on Improving Building Systems in Hot and Humid climates [10, 13-14 may 1996, Texas].

Soebarto, Verónica I.. Degelman, Larry O.; Texas Building Energy Institute ... [et al.].;

Gasoducto regional México-Istmo Centroamericano. LC/MEX/R.

CEPAL. Unidad de Energía. Naciones Unidas.;

Enciclopedia de la mecánica ingeniería y técnica. Refrigeración. Cap. 76.

Kutz, Myer, ed.. Cooper, K.W.. Hickman, K.E.;

Enciclopedia de la mecánica ingeniería y técnica. Turbinas de vapor. Cap. 73.

Kutz, Myer, ed.. Silvestri, George.;

Daylight in building design : ADELINE and other design tools. J-0426. Workshop Software Tools for the Building Sector.

Kristensen, Paul E.;

Design calculations for electric lighting in real interiors. J-0427. Journal of Illuminating Engineering Society.

Carter, D.J.. Leung, A.S.M.. Lupton, M.J..;

Energy efficient motors : design considerations. J-0429. IEEMA Journal.

Purushotham Iyer, H.A..;

Development of energy-saving room air conditioners. J. Technical Review.

Kojima, Susumu ..[et. al].;

Calculation of design loads for offshore wind turbines. Wind Engineering.

Quarton, D. C.;

Harmonic issues of the application of an advanced static var compensator to a wind farm. Wind Engineering.

Ekanayake, J. B. Jenkins, N.;

How high-speed trains make tracks. Scientific American.

Raoul, Jean Claude.;

Faster ships for the futur : new designs for oceangoing freighters may soon double their speeds. Scientific American.

Giles, David L.;

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Manual estadística energética 2017 = Energy statistics manual 2017View Record

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