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Fortalecimiento de las actividades ambientales municipales mediante el apoyo en la planificación de la gestión integral de Residuos Sólidos en el cantón de Guácimo


Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica.

Proyecto de Investigación (VIE-5401-1431-3001)

The aim of this paper is to present the results of the analysis of the solid waste management in the “Municipalidad of Guacimo” located in Limón, Costa Rica. The Municipalidad of Guacimo lacks of basic records and suitable information required to improve solid waste management. Because of that, this investigation provides the inputs for begin start designing the solid waste management for the Municipalidad of Guacimo. After reviewing existing data about the situation and characteristics of the management of solid waste in Guacimo, we developed the methodology for the present research and obtained primary information, interviewed the principal people that work with the solid waste in the Municipalidad of Guacimo and gathering the most important information. We sorted and systematized the information referred to the administrative issues related to cleaning the streets and municipal parks, street solid waste collection, schedule and collection routes, operation of the landfill and the state of the recycle centers. The Guacimo Municipality doesn’t handle appropriately their solid waste, the administration doesn’t have proposals for the adequate management of the solid waste, the budget isn’t enough to collect, transport and dispose the solid waste considering the optimal methods to ensure 10 environmental protection, instead, the Municipality contributes to increase the environmental contamination in the area, because the solid waste is dumped in an inappropriate site. In this paper, we analyze the interaction among of the politics, organizational culture, management and municipal administration, it’s our wish to provide different alternatives and solutions for improve the waste management in the Municipalidad of Guacimo.

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