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Diseño de base de datos para el análisis de rendimientos de mano de obra


Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica; Escuela de Ingeniería Electromecánica; Clima Ideal S.A.

Productivity is the ratio between the amount of products obtained by a productive system and resources used to obtain this production. It can also be defined as the ratio between the results and the time taken to obtain them, the lower the time it takes to obtain the more productive desired result is the system in addition that the more often these measurements repeated better is going to be the result. For the improve the delivery of services is important to take a control the performance of labor activities where their duration are controlled, so that the company Clima Ideal, S.A., to improve the efficiency of their services choose to have a control of labor. That's why we it is decided start taking the yields of labor of projects that most frequently within the company and compile them into a database and will have benefits for budgeting labor, control costs, better scheduling of projects, better productivity, increased competitiveness and most importantly improved profitability. In these measurements are taken into account the main activities that has the company which are direct expansion systems, cold rooms and points of sale (supermarkets) where activities are measured as soportería, piping and installation, these activities are subdivided large number of tasks depending on the application. The main idea is to control the times of labor required to perform the above activities and compile a database in Access where is can gain control of these and can calculate the times for the next projects to be submitted in the company.

Práctica de Graduación (Licenciatura en Ingeniería en Mantenimiento Industrial) Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica, Escuela de Ingeniería Electromecánica, 2015.

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